Understanding T-REX

What is T-REX? Simply put, T-REX is a map-based web browser-based multimodal event management tool. T-REX has been designed to meet today’s demand for more accurate and timely multimodal information from transportation agency executives, the motoring public, as well as, public transit riders.

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Multimodal Event Management System

T-REX provides users with the ability to create and manage active highway incidents, scheduled highway construction events, scheduled highway special events, active transit incidents, scheduled transit construction events, and scheduled transit special events.


Web browser-based


Multi device support


All in one place


View CCTV & Location

Features & Functions

T-REX expands the operational capabilities of clients to be available remotely at on site construction zones and major events such football games, marathons, etc. Further, operators have the ability to provide as-needed additional support from home, thus expanded the operational capacity for the agencies during dynamic events such as major snowstorms, etc.

  • Virtual TMCs

  • Lane Selection


Virtual TMCs


Lane Selection

Our Valuable Users

Our users vary from state departments of transportation to city and regional transit agencies. Because T-REX supports and expands the operational capabilities for both highway and transit agency event management, our clients have the unique ability to exchange information between each other, as well as, the public in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut tri-state region.

See yourself why transportation agency trust T-REX to bring their event management and data together in one place.

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