Motorists throughout the United States rely on a complex network of highways, signalized arterial roadways, toll roads, transit, and bridges and tunnels, to get to work, move freight, and most importantly, drive the Nation’s economy.

This complex multimodal transportation network provides for the movement of commuters, goods, and services. However, this same network also plays a critical role in the national transportation network that connects the states in the northeast with the rest of the country, as well as internationally, with Canada and Mexico. The movement of people and goods throughout the country by road and rail has a direct impact on the nation’s economy.

Highway and transit agencies must be able to monitor road and rail conditions, in real time for this complex network to perform efficiently. They rely on the cooperation of transportation agencies, law enforcement and first responders to act together in a coordinated manner to clear an incident and get the traffic moving again as quickly as possible. Traffic and Transit Management Centers (TMCs) are the epicenter of where this monitoring and multidisciplinary coordination happens.


When the first TMCs opened, they relied heavily on the “technology” of the day to monitoring conditions. This “technology” included CCTV cameras, monitoring state and local police and fire scanners and entering incident information into excel spreadsheets or access databases.

But as technology has changed, so has the role of the TMC.

Today, Traffic Management Centers are staffed by operators that rely on a suite of technologies that monitor traffic conditions in real time. From video analytics to pushing travel time messages to Dynamic Message Boards, to logging incident data more precisely, the TMC is an integral part of keeping traffic and transit facilities operating at their peak.

However, these new technologies have created a tremendous increase in the amount of data an operator now much process as well as an increased demand for more accurate and timely information from agency executives and the motoring public. Therefore, these same Traffic Management Centers need to consolidate, streamline work, and provide greater granularity of information in a shorter amount of time.

This is where the Transview Regional Event Information Exchange, or, “T-REX” will help Traffic Management Center Staff do their jobs better and more efficiently.

Who we are

Infosenseglobal, a technology company with over 200 employees and associates worldwide, is an Oracle Gold Partner specializing in Oracle ERP services, managed services, business intelligence, transportation management, data analytics, traveler information systems and cloud-hosted solutions.

Infosenseglobal has been delivering advanced technology solutions and business initiatives backed by experienced professional support to businesses around the world since 2006. Our proven, partnership-based project management methodologies, combined with our ability to consistently deliver the very best client outcomes on time and in budget, translates into an exceptional level of customer satisfaction. We focus on building partnerships, as well as, long term relationships. Our teams, and more specifically, our transportation group, are passionate and focus on innovation and quality, which has resulted in retaining 100% of our customers over the last 10 years.

In 2019, Infosenseglobal formed a strategic partnership with Kisnn Associates Inc. to provide project management and technical advisory support services for transportation-related projects.


Kisnn Associates Inc. is a service organization focused on Transportation Operations, Transportation Planning, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Work Zone Planning activities. Our company is SBE/MBE certified by the state of New Jersey and approved by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

The goal at Kisnn Associates Inc. is to be the most customer-centric transportation planning company. We aim to provide our clients with the highest quality of service.

The Kisnn Associates Inc. team has the necessary expertise to bring projects from a conceptual idea through to implementation. We provide services to both public and private agencies in Systems Design, Systems Implementation, Systems Integration and Operations & Maintenance.

Our Services and Expertise Include:

Transportation Operations Centers

Traffic Management & Traveler Information Systems

Transportation Planning

Work Zone Planning & Coordination

Systems Operations & Maintenance

ITS Standards

Data Archive & Analysis

Staffing Placements

Please reach out to us for a demonstration of T-REX and how it can help your organization improve workflow, as well as, improve data quality and dissemination.