What is T-REX?

What is T-REX? Simply put, the T-REX system is a secure web browser-based multimodal event management tool which means T-REX can be operated from your desktop, laptop, or tablet.

It has been developed using the industry’s best practices. It has been designed to allow faster more precise data entry and in turn more accurate information.

Because T-REX is entirely web-based, Traffic Management Center staff can log into the system simply by opening up a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc.) on the device of choice and connecting to the T-REX application.


T-REX provides users with the ability to create and manage:

  • Active highway incidents
  • Active and scheduled highway construction events
  • Active and scheduled highway special events
  • Active transit incidents
  • Active and scheduled transit construction events
  • Active and scheduled transit special events

Agency operators can also maintain their notifications and other actions taken during an event. This information can be extremely helpful during a post event analysis.

It also allows users to perform other actions such as:

  • Send e-mail notifications and SMS messages
  • View CCTV
  • Locate the nearest safety service patrol vehicle
  • Find and locate event information on a map
  • Perform system administrator functions and so much more

In addition, because of this flexibility, T-REX expands the operational capabilities of agencies to be available remotely at on-site construction zones and major events such as football games, marathons, etc.  Further, operators have the ability to provide as-needed additional support from home, thus also expanding the operational capabilities of the agencies during dynamic events.

The flexibility that has been built into T-REX to maintain a virtual TMC during major events such as the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Moving forward, the same virtual TMC can be used by agencies during major weather-related events like snowstorms and hurricanes.

T-REX Features & Functions

In addition, T-REX addresses the needs of the agencies with several additional new features and functions which include:

“One-click” map-based event location selection

When an operator selects a point on a map, it will pre-populate the facility, location description and even direction.


Arterial Location Selection

An operator can select the direction of an arterial roadway. For example, north/south, or, east/west.

Specialized Roadways

When applicable, T-REX can allow a user to choose a roadway with unique characteristics such as upper/lower, inner/outer, Bus/HOV lane as well as local/express.


Lane Selection

Operators can also select the specific lanes that are affected by roadway conditions.

Traffic Impact

Traffic impact association is no longer estimated by the operator based upon qualitative assessments such as looking at cameras.


Enhance Interagency Coordination

Helps improve and enhance interagency coordination. T-REX will allow agencies to share access to the system with partner multimodal transportation agencies, law enforcement and first responder agencies.

Main Dashboard

Provides a quick overview for current highway and transit conditions between staff. This is especially effective during shift changes as it maintains continuity of operations particularly during active incidents.


Agency Custom Data

Agency Mile Marker database, custom specialized roadways and ramp location integrator tool allow easy integration for accurate event creation.

The Impact Tool

The Impact Tool provides an operator with the capability to designate a start and end point for an event, like a construction project or an incident, rather than just a singular point. It allows an agency to know where delays from an event start and end, along with the direct path of the roadway. Its an incredibly powerful new feature that also allows agencies with adjoining jurisdictional boundaries to observe, in real-time, both the original event on one agency’s facility and the impact on the adjoining agency’s facility.


Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Measures

The TIM Performance Measure feature can provide an agency with a view of the incident timeline from when the incident occurs to when response arrives on scene and concluding when traffic conditions return to normal for that time of the day.

Geo Line String

The Line String feature of T-REX is one of the most advanced features of the new system. From construction, to delays, to accidents with backups, operators can now pinpoint the location and length of the event, as well as, the distance of the impact. With the new Line String feature, an operator can choose the start and end points of an event, as well as, the delays caused by the event and have them displayed on the map. Having an accurate geographic illustration (geo Linestring) is critical information in today’s multimodal transportation world, as well as, society’s demand for more granular, detailed event information.